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The Amber Acts
US Laws defining superhuman rights and activities.

Fantasia Illustrated Novels
Old superhuman by-product, slowly returning to popularity.

The Harris Scale
Military system used to rank superhumans.


HOTROD Station
High Orbital Trafficking/Refuel Option Depot.

Rocket City
Planned living community for superhuman and space research.


The Breakers
Bold superhuman heist crew.

The First Responders
Legacy superhuman disaster relief team in Rocket City.

The Girls
Mysterious martial arts girl squad.

The Losers
Terror for ransom organization that may not exist.

The Moral Majority
Christian American values superhuman team.

Professor Payne and the Offenders
Highly skilled, highly depraved followers of a madman.

The Science Swarm
A field trip lab accident grants children insect powers.


Danner Industries

Bringing back the nostalgia of the superhero story.

Transhumanism Research… And Possibly Development.

Heritage Values
Old fashion values for a superhuman future.

Node Publishing
Gossip and lifestyle e-zine for the superhuman fan.

Main Page

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