Freight Train


Encased in a Danner Industries experimental combat flight armor suit, not only is Freight Train’s identity a secret, “his” actual height, weight and sex are indeterminate.

Freight Train’s specializes in aerial support, demolitions (detachable mines and high output plasma cutting torches), and wreckage recovery. The upper limits of the suit’s lift capacity (in flight or on the ground) is not known but demonstrations show its name to be apt, showing at least the strength of a diesel engine.

Like many “test pilots,” Freight Train is impulsive in action and restless off duty. He is the only member of the First Responders to seek out action – without his teammates – in his down time.


Freight Train is believed to have apprenticed under the late armored First Responder, Nightstick. The present armor is based on Nightstick’s recovered technology and Freight Train joined the First Responders in honor of him.

Freight Train

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