The Girls


The five members of this all-female martial arts crime fighting team appear to be in their teens or early 20s. Each is a different nationality: Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern. Their uniforms, a cross between leotards and ninja gees, each feature a form-fitting cloth mask that does not obstruct their field of vision.

They use a variety of modified traditional martial arts weapons as well as astonishing unarmed techniques; at least one reportedly able to swat a bullet out of the air with her bare hand. They have been witnessed defeating as many as nine men armed with firearms.


Though primarily based in New York State, the Girls – as local law enforcement has dubbed them – have been seen as far south as Virginia. They mysteriously appear where they are needed and, unlike most sponsored heroes, vanish before news crews arrive. They are notoriously camera shy.

One theory holds that the Girls might be a hoax, as their appearance seems to conveniently coincide with a sharp increases in very bold daylight armed robberies for them to foil. Though so many men in custody, most with severe injuries, seems a high price for a hoax. Governor Cuomo of New York insists the Girls are properly sponsored but their sponsor, as well as the Girls themselves, wish to remain completely anonymous; highly unusual but within their legal rights.

The Girls

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